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En matière de référencement, la qualité des backlinks maillage de vos liens est importante et permet dapporter du crédit à un site auprès de Google. Elle détermine donc la position de vos pages dans les résultats de recherche de Google. Vous avez optimisé le référencement de votre site web et pourtant son classement dans les pages de résultats des moteurs de recherche nest pas satisfaisant? Vous vous demandez comment améliorer ce classement? Sachez quil est possible de booster la réputation de votre site internet grâce à des backlinks de qualité et optimisés. Vous ne savez pas comment vous y prendre pour avoir un bon backlink?
How to Get High-Quality Backlinks - 19 Easy Ways.
19 Easy Ways to Get High-Quality Backlinks. Become a source for reporters and bloggers. HARO Help A Reporter Out is a free platform that helps journalists and bloggers connect with relevant authority sources for their news stories. This platform is helpful for anyone looking to connect with expert sources in their niche. If you sign up as a source on HARO, you will get regular emails from the platform with queries on trending topics from different categories. Each query comes with detailed requirements, the deadline for submission, the media outlet where your inputs, if selected, will be published and the email address where you have to send your pitch. If your pitch gets accepted, it will be quoted in the article with your name and a link to your website. You can check how Stan Ventures got backlinks from SocialPilot and Brand24 by sharing expert inputs on HARO. Getting quoted by a reputable website along with backlinking will give your site positive exposure.
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Web Design Portfolio. Write For Us. Join the Team. Subscribe to Our Blog. Stay up to date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips. How to Get More Backlinks to Your Website in 2021 Tips. Jennifer Brown May 13, 2021 Link Building 14 min read. What Are Backlinks? 2 Why Are Backlinks Important? Can I Buy Backlinks? Tips to Build Backlinks. How to Earn Backlinks to Your Website. Review Google Webmaster Guidelines. Understand the Importance of Disavowing Backlinks. Research Gaps in Site Content. Identify Similar Websites That Have High Domain Authority. Pitch Content Ideas to Relevant Websites. Develop Media Partnerships. Start Helping Reporters Out. Create More Visual Content and Media. Submit Content to Press Release Sites. Send Out Press Releases and Content Directly to Media. Track Mentions of Your Site. Use a Backlink Checker. When delving into search engine optimization SEO, one of the primary strategies discussed is keywords.
8 Clever Ways to Earn High Quality Backlinks.
Get started by choosing your primary competitors, the websites that are ranking on the top 5 positions for your main keywords. If theyre ranking above you, it means they have a better link profile, and they have backlinks of higher quality. Once youve decide which competitors to spy on, youll have to analyze their backlinks. Im going to show you how to replicate your competitors best links using Monitor Backlinks, but you can use your own preferred SEO tool as well. After adding your main competitors into Monitor Backlinks, use the metrics provided to determine which links are worth replicating. Dont fall into the trap of trying to replicate all of them. All sites have bad links, even Wikipedia. You should only replicate the links that have a good authority. While not always the case, usually the more complicated it is to get a backlink from a website, the higher value it will have. Backlinks that are harder to earn usually have higher value.
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Equally, its good to accept guest posts on your own blog. Dont accept just anyone, but reputable sources can increase your search rankings. uSERPs Jeremy Moser pitched a guest post to BigCommerce, which not only ranked first for local marketing but gained the company 241 backlinks. All for a piece of content that cost them nothing. Theres nothing like free products to attract peoples interest. Websites are keen to recommend useful free products to their audience because it helps them look good. If you have a product you think would be useful for a websites target audience, reach out and offer it to them for free. This is an excellent way to get your product in front of a new audience and get a high-quality backlink at the same time. To increase the chances of having your free product featured, make sure its high quality and relevant to the websites niche. It should also be something that their audience will find genuinely useful. Offer your time. Time is a valuable resource for how to get backlinks to your site.
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Once youve found a few sites, use a tool like Check My Links to find any broken links that exist on the site. If one of the broken links is to content like yours, youve hit pay dirt. All thats left to do is reach out to the site owner with a friendly email reporting the broken link. Thats your opportunity to suggest a link to your content as part of the fix. A gentle approach is recommended. Explain that their site is linking to a resource thats no longer available. When suggesting a replacement, in addition to your link, include a few other options. This will sell the idea that youre trying to help, not just begging for a backlink. Sweeten the Deal with a Testimonial. With this topic, you may begin to notice a trend. Many of the best ways to get backlinks involve providing something to the linking site, then asking for a backlink.
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Alternately, you can send your message using social media, with Google Plus or Linkedin. Also consider that every pitch should be short and to the point. No one has time for long and boring emails from strangers. Yes, you can earn backlinks by donating to nonprofit organizations. This method is quick and straightforward. All you have to do is find websites in your niche that acceptdonations and linkback to sites that have donated. Simply submit the amount of the donation you want to make and write your website URL. Finding these websites requires some searches in Google. These are some queries that usually give good results.: contributors page donate your keyword. donation contributors your keyword. contributors page your keyword. Online interviews are hot right now, anda great and easy way to earn backlinks to your website. Once you become the authority in your niche, you'llget' lots of interview invitations, but until then, to get started, you have to make the first step.
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Eventually, use the developed content and post it to maximum sites possible. Build public relations. Ultimately its the individuals who will explore your backlinks. Building a well reputed public domain by advertising, mouth to mouth word, being active in social networking sites. Though initially, it may take time, in the long run, this public circle of yours will be the ones hitting your backlinks. So be active, genuine and social as much as you can. There is no doubt that images/graphics are quite appealing. They give a quick glance to the user and makes the content easier to understand instead of running through the black and white text. Besides this, anyone finding your infographic quiet significant can share it on their website giving a backlink to your page. By the means of Testimonials. This is a tried and tested strategy! Writing testimonials, Reviews and feedback may actually generate backlinks to your site. Though it may feel like going against the competition rules ultimately you are helping yourselves too. After all, everyone understands the intentions behind. As a courtesy, you are going to get backlinks to your websites.
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High-quality backlinks have 7 characteristics: relevance, traffic, authority, link profile quality, editorial standards, outbound link quality, and indexation. Lets start with.: John Mueller recently said that relevance is more important than how many backlinks a website has. In fact, heres exactly what he said.: In short, most of your link building efforts should focus on relevant opportunities. Thats why I created The Relevancy Pyramid. Its the single best way to prioritize your link opportunities. The model is simple.: There are fewer link building opportunities that are 100 relevant to your website. You should focus on these first. Then, once youve tapped those out, move down the pyramid where there will be more prospects with less relevance. Now there are two exceptions to this link prioritization strategy.: Its ALWAYS okay to get links from super authority sites like the New York Times, Washington Post, or edu/.gov sites.
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How to Get High Quality Backlinks. Links should be a byproduct of having expert content worth linking to - that is our methodology. Links should be earned. In order to improve your link popularity and earn better SEO rankings among the major search engines, you need to attract links to your website - not beg or barter or spam for them. To earn backlinks and stay within search engine webmaster guidelines, here are some SEO best practices for attracting links. Link Building Strategies That Work. Make high-quality content: The key to getting quality inbound links is having expert-level, unique content. Your site will accumulate backlinks naturally over time if people find your high-quality content valuable or enlightening enough to share with others. See Steps 5 and 6 of this tutorial for tips on creating great content that uses keywords. Keep your content fresh: A regular supply of new high-quality articles or other content can get peoples attention and help you compete against sites that may have only static, stale content.

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